Master Scent List


♥ Sweet Potion No. 1 Perfume Oil

A great fragrance for the young at heart. Potion No. 1 is a scrumptious blend of pink bubble gum, sugared berries, juicy apples & banana soufflé blended together with a just a tiny swirl of warm vanilla at the base.

♥ Sweet Potion No. 2 Perfume Oil

Potion No. 2 combines dreamy notes of fluffy marshmallow, creamy milk chocolate, cherry cordial & a flirty twirl of delicious vanilla bean.

♥ Sweet Potion No. 3 Perfume Oil

Potion No. 3 combines juicy notes of tangy raspberry lemonade, fresh honeydew melon & juicy sweet peaches.

 Sweet Potion No. 4 Perfume Oil

If you like Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte's, you will enjoy this one! Potion No. 4 is a decadent potion of freshly carved pumpkin, rich caramel, warm amber & vanilla bean with a cozy hint of fresh baked gingerbread straight out of the oven! This one is perfect for the Fall season and Halloween!

♥ Sweet Potion No. 5 Perfume Oil

Potion No. 5 is a flirtatious blend of night blooming jasmine, southern white gardenia, pink roses, vanilla bean & a soft twirl of delicate baby powder at the base. A favourite for any age!

♥ Sweet Potion No. 6 Perfume Oil

Potion No. 6 is perfect for someone who has a sweet tooth! Notes of freshly spun cotton candy, sugared berries, fluffy marshmallow & a warm sweet vanilla bean base. We promise this perfume won't give you any cavities!

♥ Sweet Potion No. 7 Perfume Oil

Potion No. 7 combines notes of fresh baked vanilla cupcakes, rich butter cream frosting, lemon zest & sweet sugar sprinkles. A sweet treat that is sure to please!

♥ Sweet Potion No. 8 Perfume Oil

Potion No. 8 is a decadently rich spiced vanilla perfume that is perfect for any age! Notes of delicious French vanilla, rich caramel, warm amber, sandalwood and light dusting of zesty clove, ginger & cinnamon make this a must have for everyone!

 Sweet Potion No. 9 Perfume Oil

Potion No. 9 combines freshly baked vanilla sugar cookies with sticky swirls of honey cream, decadent sweet almond and a pinch of candied oranges.

Sweet Potion No. 10 Perfume Oil

Potion No. 10 is a scent reminiscent of vintage carnivals with notes of fluffy cotton candy, kettle corn, candy apples and fresh baked funnel cakes! Perfect for the Halloween season!

Sweet Potion No. 11 Perfume Oil

Potion No. 11 is a spooky scent with melancholy notes of damp moss, black roses, patchouli, dragon's blood incense and a pinch of cemetery dirt!

♥ Sweet Potion No. 12 Perfume Oil

Potion No. 12 is a sweet and tropical perfume with notes of ripe mango and papaya, juicy green melon and island coconut gently embraced by vanilla cream.